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[ rated pg ] Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG
Parental Guidance Advised

Review by Todd Wells

As was mentioned earlier, the first season has a very sad ending. The second season starts a discussion and begins the resolution of the reasons behind the sad conclusion in the first season. The second season concentrates less on character development as the Magic Knights are summoned back to Cephiro. They return because of their desire to help the people of that world, particularly now that much is in chaos because of the loss of the Pillar who kept order in Cephiro. Several groups are trying to seize control, and the world itself is crumbling without a Pillar. Trust, friendship, loyalty, determination and understanding are some underlying themes in the series. In some instances, their enemies become friends to the Magic Knights. The second season does not feel like an "add-on" to extend the first season. It has a great story in its own right. The end to the second season is a little sad in the loss of two characters, but is beautifully concluded through the use of teamwork and belief in one self to make a difference.

Parent's Guide Rating:

Yellow (parental guidance suggested)

There is no nudity other than brief barbie-doll style transformation when the Magic Knights are donning their armor. No sexuality. Violence in confrontations with forces that seek to take control of Cephiro. One rather strange scene where some of the female characters are in a bath (no nudity) and comments are made about breast size and men preferring women who have large breasts. No profanity. Some scenes might scare small children.

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