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Ruin Explorers

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Mike Lugaresi:

Ruin Explorers is a comedy set in medieval times. There're magic items hidden in ancient cities that treasure hunters (Ruin Explorers) go find for loot. The plot is centered around Fam and Ihrie who are looking for the Ultimate Power. More characters are introduced throughout the movie. A greasy peddler and his dog (who is one of the coolest anime animals EVER), another pair of competing Ruin Explorers and a Prince set out to avenge his fallen kingdom. All have their reasons to want the ultimate power.

Plotwise it's pretty standard stuff. Evil bad guy wants ultimate power, unlikely heroes team up to defeat him. But where the movie shines is the characters' personalites bouncing off each other and the slapstick comedy parts. The music is very good and has a nice triumphant feeling to it. The dubbing though is quite nasty, with too many squeaky, whiny high pitched voices. Rather strange, the dub has more yelling than the subtitled version (which is the only way you should watch this movie).

Over all I highly recommend this title. It's a bit different from the usual fantasy anime.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Violence: Nothing much. Some sword fighting, a little blood, and lots of "muppets" (magic puppets) getting chopped to pieces.

Nudity: In the first quarter of the movie Ihrie climbs into a tub to bathe. Nothing is really seen, but it shows the outline of her upper torso under water. Nothing is really sexy about it.

Profanity: Here it depends on if you watch the dubbed or the subbed version. Dubbed has a few more choice words the characters use as in: D**n, H**l , and Bas****. Whereas the subtitled has less swearing and no use of H**l.

I'd give it a PG rating, nothing that bad in it. Some PG movies have worse language and violence in them. This is something that the whole family would enjoy. If they don't mind subtitles.

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