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Urusei Yatsura

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Christian Labrie:

Urusei Yatsura was Rumiko Takahashi's first big success (with RAMNA 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku).

Warning some spoilers

The series starts when a group of aliens comes to Earth to invade. Their computer chooses Ataru Moroboshi to play a game of Tag with the daughter of the Alien lord, a sexy teenaged girl wearing a tiger-skin bikini named LUM. If Ataru can grab Lum's horn in 10 days, the aliens will go home. If he fails, it's the end of the world!!!

Shinobu, Ataru's girlfriend, tells him she'll marry him if he wins, to motivate him...

He wins on the very last day(you'll see how), and in his joy, yells I'M GETTING MARRIED! Lum misunderstands this and thinks that Ataru wants to marry HER!!! She agrees, and she starts living with him and calling him "Darling".

After all of Lum's family and friends learn that she found a husband on a planet called earth, it's the invasion of all possible weirdoes of the universe...

And the Moroboshis family life will be changed forever!

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

The series is a comedy intended for teens especially. It does not contain much nudity but some sexual references like " Let's go to bed" or some nipples but very few.

There is nothing really shocking in this series since it's all in the purpose of fun.

But parents should be aware that the series talk about a very big CRUSH, no matter how terrible and mean Ataru might be, Lum does not stop loving him and being faithful to him! She considers him like a husband and does not look at other men...

Like a couple, they sometimes decide to hug or to kiss with passion (well at least Lum does), but it's not indecent.

Some feminists might not like the series because it's a little bit unreal to see a girl capable of loving a idiot like Ataru Moroboshi, but keep in mind that the series' intention is only fun. It contains tons of references to Japanese folklore among the episodes and that's what makes it a cult series in Japan in the 80s and today.

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