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[ rated x ] Wicked City

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: X
For Adult Audiences Only

Review by Josh Simons:

I wouldn't exactly consider this "hentai"... but still, it's only for ADULT audiences. There was quite a bit of sexual content in Wicked City. Not only was there nudity and sex, but there was rape.. and we can live without that. It is totally innappropriate. I wouldn't barely consider this R material.. it's more along the lines of NC-17. There were numerous graphic sex scenes, and it seems that this what the movie revolved around. What little plot there was, involved some cops from earth and other dimensions trying to keep and old man safe so he could sign a treaty, but that never happened. It was lost in the sex and violence. This is NOT for children, or teens, or anyone really. This is to be a warning for all anime fans, pass this one up.

Additional review by Phil Haller:

Ok. This, in my opinion, is one of THE greatest anime films ever created. Not only is the animation above par, but the storyline has everything a great, mature movie should include. It starts off with a monologue that will brief you on the events of the who, when, and why things will take place. Within the first ten minutes you will encounter your first sex scene. This is not at all graphic compared to movies like La Blue Girl, Rei Rei, and even Can Can Bunny. The only TRULY disturbing scenes are a shadowed group rape scene and a tentacle sex scene (oral only). The storyline moves quickly and will keep you in suspense throughout. Violence is a very thought out, tastefully done process. There are exploding heads, severed limbs, and chest cavity shots, a few which may make your stomach churn. Almost every character that you meet will either kill or be killed. Once you learn about the true meaning of what's going on you may want to watch it again, as the first time may have left you confused. My opinion on this video is exactly that, an opinion. You'll have to see it for yourself. My last comment is 17+... yes 16-... absolutely not.

Violence - Tons. Ultra gory but most is tastefully done.

Nudity - Alot. Strong sexual content. But no full crotch shots. Mostly upper body. 2 or 3 rape scenes.

Profanity - Frequent, but not enough to get annoying.

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