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[ a parent's guide to anime ]

[ rated pg ] Ranma 1/2

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG
Parental Guidance Advised

Review by John M. Brown, P. Eng.

This is the story of a boy, Ranma Saotome, who has fallen into a cursed spring. Doused with cold water, he is transformed into the form of the girl that drowned in the spring 1500 years ago. Doused with hot water, he changes back to his original male form. The story starts with Ranma moving into the Tendo household where he finds he has been betrothed to Akane Tendo, the youngest daughter with tomboy tendencies. Both appear to resent the engagement and much mayhem results.

[ 15kb ]

There are about 160 TV episodes, 11 OVAs and 3 movies. This is a fun series and very suitable for children with two considerations; there is usually one (and only one) brief instance of nudity in every OVA or movie, and some of the TV episodes. There is also considerable martial arts style fighting. However, the violence is cartoon in nature with bruises and bandages that disappear in the next scene.

Review by Julia Pfaffenberger

[ 24kb ]

Ranma 1/2 is a comedy and one of the most loved family series ever. If you don't mind occasional--and casual--nudity, this series is perfect for children of all ages.

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