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[ rated pg ] RG Veda

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG
Parental Guidance Advised

Part One: Castle of Ice, Prison of Flame

Reviewed by Jonathan Smith:

RG Veda takes place after the "Holy Wars". It is said that the six stars will end the reign of Taishakuten, the series' antagonist. These six stars are six people who will come together and fight as a group.

This review is on the subtitled version, and whether or not there is a dubbed version is unknown. The animation quality is decent. Not as good as, say Bubblegum Crisis, but standard OVA quality. This is a review of the series' first part. The actual manga (comic series in Japan on which the show is based) is supposed to make the story clearer than the video, but the anime doesn't suffer because of it and is still perfectly enjoyable.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Profanity: There is an extremely mild amount, only two instances in fact, and they both appear at the same time. Protagonist Ryuah uses damn and hell while expressing his frustration about their current situation.

Sex/Nudity: None

Violence: There is violence, and it can get to the point where it's exaggerated. The worst of it occurs in the climax, in the ice palace of the last remaining god in her clan, Queen Aizenmyo.

At the first of the film, a still shot is shown of Taishakuten holding the Emperor's severed head. During the first battle of the six stars (at that point there are only four), the sword cuts are shown with a black screen with a flash of a blade going through it. However, at the climax, the team gets into a fight with Ice Demons. But because of the fact they're ice, no gore or real violence is shown when they are cut or decapitated, etc.

Unfortunately, unlike the Ice demon battle, the climax with Ashura, Yasha, and Aizenmyo is quite a bit gorier. First off, when a serpent is sent after Ashura, she messily cuts it open down the middle (this is quite brief). Another case is when Yasha is under orders to kill Ashura; he slices her over both shoulders and the forehead. Also, to stop himself from killing Ashura, Yasha impales himself through the leg. Finally, when Aizenmyo lunges at Ashura, she gets impaled through the chest by Ashura's sword. All of these scenes contain varied amounts of gore, particularly the first and last one mentioned above, but none are too long (with the exception of the final one) or detailed.

Rating: If not for the sometimes-exaggerated violence, the movie would be a perfect general. Unfortunately, due to the violence, it would most likely belong to the PG (yellow) category.

Although only 45 minutes long, the story brings home the importance of having some one there for you, and someone to admire or look up to, whether it be a father, mother, brother, or a close friend, etc.

The series will remind many of Final Fantasy or Record of the Lodoss War.

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