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Tenchi Muyo - Daughter of Darkness

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Karen Olsen:

Here we have yet another Tenchi Muyo! movie. This one is by far my favorite. ^-^ Here is a summary of the movie...

It all starts out on a sunny summer day. Ayeka, Mihoshi, and Kiyone are doing household chores, Sasami is busy in the kitchen and Ryoko is...sleeping. Tenchi has been at the shrine all morning and is now leaving. When he gets back to the house he has a girl about the age of 14 with him. The girl states that her name is Mayuka and that Tenchi is her father. Everyone is amazed by her remark. Ryoko does not trust her very much.

Washu tries to figure out if Mayuka really is Tenchi's daughter and who the mother is, however, every time she comes close to solving the mystery, something happens and her data is destroyed.

When Mayuka arrived, she had a box with her. When the box was opened, a small tree formed inside. Whenever Mayuka is alone or sleeping a voice emerges from the box, putting her in a trance that makes her to horrible things. Mayuka becomes afraid of herself and consults everyone for help.

After staying at Tenchi's house for a while the voice tells her to come to it. Mayuka walks in the woods and then snaps out of the trance. Sasami and the other girls come running after her. The box snaps open and puts Mayuka in another trance. A hole appears in the ground and Mayuka grabs Sasami and takes her into the hole. Tenchi and Ryoko decide to go and save Sasami.

Once in the "underground lair" Tenchi and Ryoko are attacked by stuffed animals o.O; After being attacked by a teddy bear, yet another hole appears and Ryoko and Tenchi fall through it. They fall into a large room where they find Mayuka and an unconscious Sasami. This is when the fight begins.

The fight was long and hard, but in the end, Mayuka is in a way murdered by her creator, Yuzuha (I think that's how you spell it. ^^; ) and all thats left of her is a gem. Tenchi takes the gem and returns to earth.

There are tears and sniffles after hearing about the death of Mayuka, but Washu has a plan. The gem is used to recreate Mayuka so she can be born as a baby.

I really love this movie, it is funny and sad at the same time.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Foul Language: In the end Ryoko says "Go ahead, Washu, I will be her personal trainer and you can bet I'll be tough as hell!" but that's about it.

Sex/Nudity: There is one scene where Tenchi is in the bath and Mayuka sneaks up behind him and jumps on his back. Both are nude, no details are shown however.

Sexual Situations/Romance: There is one scene where Tenchi is asleep and Mayuka comes in his bedroom. She unbuttons his shirt and licks his face and chest. There is another scene where Mayuka kisses Tenchi. Note: Both of these scenes take place when Mayuka is under Yuzuha's spell.

Violence: The fight scene contains mild violence. Mayuka slashes Tenchi's back and chest.

I recommend this movie for 13 and up.

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