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Tenchi Muyo - In Love 2

Tenchi Forever

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Dan Stewart:

A pale, but beautiful girl lays in a bed under a camellia tree. Beside her is the Prince Yosho. Outside, the planet earth is seen. Then, the girl becomes motionless. Yosho cries out, "Haruna!"...

It is a normal day in the Tenchi household. Everyone is outside, cleaning the shrine steps from the falling cherry blossoms. As a fight between the space pirate Ryoko and Princess Aeka (also spelled Ayeka), Tenchi breaks in and is immeadiately asked to choose between the two girls. Tenchi becomes flustered and runs into the forest around the shrine. There, he finds a camellia tree and disappears.

Six months later, Tenchi is still missing and the Tenchi crew are looking for him. As it turns out, Tenchi, who is now physically older, is in a different dimension with a girl named... Haruna! However, Tenchi has no memories of his past life.

Soon, Ryoko and Aeka find him with the help of the genius scientist, Washu and go to rescue him.

Tenchi in Love 2 is a wonderful drama-esque movie. The music is beautiful, especially the ending piece: 'I hear a Love Song'. The artwork is similar to Tenchi in Tokyo (also under Shin Tenchi Muyo!) and gives the characters a more mature look, which fits the movie well.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Nudity: There is some frontal shots of Haruna as both she and Tenchi 'make love'.

Language: There are some cussing from Ryoko.

Violence: Amazingly enough, there is nearly no violence! There are a few frames while Ryoko and Aeka fight, but that is pretty much it.

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