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Detective Azusa-chan

Café Trivia

Ah! Megamisama!

(Oh! My Goddess!)


What does the author of the Oh My Goddess! lyrics and one of the characters in the series have in common?


They both have the same name "Hasegawa Sora".

Interestingly, the liner notes list the lyricist's name as "Hasegawa Taka", but after some research this is the only place it was listed as such (checked the closing credits, CD inserts and the OAV manga). We're waiting for the final word on this from Robert Woodhouse at AnimEigo who suspects it might be a typo. Our own research into the name suggests that "Taka" is not a valid reading for the kanji character. (Sora, Ku, or Kara are possible readings.) Both names have the same character writings and apparently the name is an unusual one "something seen more with artistic people". ie. those who write poetry, draw, etc.

Our thanks to Francisco Ho ( for submitting this trivia question on Oh My Goddess!

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