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Wings of Honneamise (British Release)

A Parent's Guide to Anime
Rated: PG

Parental Guidance Advised

Reviewed by Genevieve Petty:

An intelligent, thought-provoking, complex and subtle masterpiece. A country takes its first steps into outer space, racing against the clock while military leaders plot to use the program to spark a war. The adult themes and sheer complexity render the film inappropriate for the immature. Youngsters aren't going to be interested in the anti-war theme or understand the philosophical views that drive the movie. This is drama, pure and simple.

Parent's Guide Rating:

yellow (parental guidance advised)

Some. There are scenes where an assassin attempts to kill Shiro, only to be killed by him. The military conflict at the end of the film is portrayed rather frankly, though it is not the focus of the scene at any time.

One brief scene of nudity where Shiro attempts to seduce his girlfriend, who rebuffs him.


Adult themes and issues are the real kicker here, not violence or sex. The problem is that most kids won't understand the film, not the level of objection on sex or violence.

Additional comments by Shakeel Zahir:

To start off with, I'd like to say that your review of TWoH is pretty much spot on. However, I think that there is one point that has to be made or the sake of the British viewers. It seems that in the British version that you will see on TV or on store shelves has been edited to remove the Rape scene. In the dubbed version the dialog has been edited so that you don't even know that anything happened! I only found out about this after trying to read a few reviews for it on the internet, only for them to keep referring to a scene that wasn't there.

The result of this is that the movie is now more acceptable, even for younger audiences (there isn't a rape, nor is there any nudity), however as a result, a lot of the meaning has been taken out of it. Therefore if you want the full version of the movie, you'd be recommended to order it from the US. If, however, you want a movie that is more suitable for family viewing (I'd say around PG-13), then stick with the British version. I personally haven't seen the unedited US version, and so I cannot really comment on that.

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